DATE: 05/30/2014

Because we are a leading office furniture supplier in San Antonio, we are able to identify a wide variety of workplace trends that affect the way office furniture is designed. Here are three of those trends; perhaps you have noticed them.

1. Everybody counts.

In past decades, it seemed as if company executives and upper management were the only people that “mattered” to the success of the operation. That certainly isn’t the case anymore; a heightened sensitivity to the individual talents and strengths of all employees is prevalent in today’s workplaces. Not surprisingly, that trend is evident in the way office furniture is now designed. Collaborative workspaces, with low cubicle dividers that allow everyone to interact, are the perfect example.

2. Ergonomics matter.

Today’s companies are also far more sensitive to the physical comfort of their employees. As a result, there is much more ergonomically correct office furniture being manufactured. Examples that point to this are an increase in soft seating chairs and couches, as well as desks that are at a more practical height for typing and drafting. At CBI Office, we carry many of these ergonomically correct office furniture solutions; if we are designing a custom office furnishing solution for you and you are interested in ergonomically correct furniture, ask us for details.

3. Environmental awareness is key.

The businesses of today are far more environmentally aware than the enterprises of the past – and no, we aren’t just talking about tech companies and youthful startups. No matter the industry, it seems that every company is concerned with company operations that are as eco-friendly as possible. That trend even trickles down to the office furniture. You may have noticed more pieces made from sustainable and recycled materials, for instance.

These are just some of the workplace trends dictating office furniture design. If you have noticed others and you wish to have them reflected in your own furniture selections, let our office furniture outlet in San Antonio know.