DATE: 07/21/2015

There are arguably two types of people in this world – those who “geek out” over color-coded filing systems and those who don’t. If you tend to group yourself with the latter, we don’t blame you. Afterall, who has time to think about organizational systems, let alone implement them, when there’s so much work to be done?

Furthermore, studies show those with “messier desks,” tend to come up with more creative solutions than their tidier counterparts. But, here’s the thing: Even if there is a “method to your madness,” what happens if someone else needs to cover for you and they can’t find anything because your space is too disorganized? OR what happens if things get a little too messy and one day, you can’t find something you really need?

By putting just a few, simple organizational solutions in place, you can avoid unnecessary productivity stalls (and you can still keep your desk as messy as you like). With that in mind, here are 3 of our favorite office storage solutions:

1. Maximize Shelving

Maximize shelving by choosing an expansive system with ample room for more than just books. Use labeled boxes for the placement of nick-nacks, small electronics and any other “random” items that don’t have a clear home. You can either find boxes especially made for office spaces (at places like The Container Store) or you can use something like these simple, wooden cigar boxes. Either can be easily stacked for multiple space-saving. Don’t have a lot of papers that need filing? Consider ditching the filing cabinet in favor of labeled folders that can sit on the shelf. Check out these photos for some creating shelving storage ideas.

2. Go Paperless

Today’s technological options make it easier than ever to save paper (and trees). Whether you’re filing contracts, receipts or other important documents, it’s HIGHLY likely that there is now an app for that. For example, the popular app Evernote allows you to photograph documents with your smartphone, before “filing” them into a “notebook” on the cloud. That means you can screenshot that contract and have access to it from any computer or handheld device with Internet access! Of course, if you desire more security that a simple app provides, you could still scan items and save their images on a personal external hard drive.

3. Desk Valets

A valet is simply a rectangular, or square, “catch-all” tray made for holding random items. Valets can range from the simple and traditional to the technologically sophisticated – think charging stations for all your electronic devices. Prices range from $30 to $50. Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest, and this organizational dynamo is no exception.

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