DATE: 05/16/2017

The word is out on height adjustable workstations. From temps to CEOs, everyone has heard by now that giving your staff the option to sit or stand at work brings a multitude of benefits. It’s well established that standing for a portion of your workday increases circulation, improves breathing, and ultimately leads to higher worker satisfaction and increased productivity. Once you’re aware of the personal and financial benefits of height adjustable workstations, you’ll no doubt want to explore the best ways to bring them in to your workplace. Here’s how to get started:

  • 1.Not sure which employees really need height adjustable workstations?For starters, any employee that has asked for this option should probably be accommodated. Height adjustable workstations offer specific help to employees with some physical needs or limitations, but most employees can benefit from them. Employees who deal with carpal tunnel or cubital nerve pain can also be helped with a workstation that allows for sitting or standing.
  • 2.When employees stay at their desk for more than three continuous hours, choosing whether to sit or stand is a great option to have. You may have some employees who prefer to sit and won’t be swayed. That’s okay. Height adjustable workstations are about giving your employees options. They’ll appreciate that, even if they don’t want an adjustable desk of their own.
  • 3.If your staffers share desks, move from one desk to another, change the locations of their desks, or if turnover is high, height adjustable workstations are a wonderful way to make sure everyone can be comfortable where they spend the most time. When employees have the ability to choose the desk height and layout that suits them, they instantly feel like part of the team. Height adjustable workstations let your staff get comfortable quickly so they can get down to the business of work.

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