DATE: 07/28/2015

Time. Energy. And money. If you’re anything like the average business owner, you’re no stranger to investing “the big three” into your business. One of the larger items you’ve likely invested in is your corporate office furniture.

Whether large or small, furnishing a space is normally a sizable expense for start-ups and established companies alike. Sadly, a funny thing happens to most of us after we make a big purchase – we stop valuing it as much. And the world of office furniture is no exception.

After painstakingly going through the process of selecting finishes, hardware and other personalized elements, the furniture we once loved seems to fade into a monotonous work background only a few short months later. On the one hand, this is a good thing. If you’re not noticing your furnishings, it likely means they’re supporting your needs. As humans, we tend to notice things when they’re NOT working for us, more than when they are!

Conversely, this can cause us to overlook the very simple things we could be doing to maintain the value of our investment and get the most out of our furniture. So, here are some simple tips for keeping your office furniture in tip-top shape:

1. Create a Maintenance Schedule

Some things in life are just easier with a schedule. Whether it’s “chicken fajita” Friday or “back-up your electronics” Tuesday, crafting a predictable schedule ensures the things that matter to us get done. First, determine how often you would like to do maintenance checks on your furnishings. We recommend about every 6 months or so. Next, determine how long you think the task will take (likely, between 2-3 minutes for each piece of furniture). As we’ll discuss in the subsequent steps, the process will include the checking of hardware and some basic cleaning. Finally, determine who will be responsible for the task at hand, notify the appropriate parties and schedule it in your calendar.

2. Check The Hardware

Nuts. Bolts. Screws. Just like the parts of your car need to be routinely checked, so do the parts of your furniture. Over the course of a calendar year, the average table and chair will take a substantial beating. Though it may seem inconsequential, the weight and pressure continually applied to them add up over time, accumulating to inevitable wear and tear. By tightening any “loose ends,” you’ll keep your employees safe and your furniture high functioning.

3. Clean It

Employees and/or housekeeping (if you have it) should be encouraged to keep workspaces clean and free of debris. Simple actions such as weekly dusting and running a cloth dampened with warm water + mild soap can have a profound effect on overall appearance. Depending on the materials of your furnishings – wood, veneer, metal – you may want to consider issuing a “deeper clean” during your routine maintenance checks. For example, disinfecting work surfaces and applying appropriate polishes and finishes.

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