DATE: 06/26/2017

Furniture is a critical part of any workspace. Whether we're talking about an individual work station, or a conference room everyone can congregate in, the chairs, tables, and accoutrements you choose will have an enormous impact on how well your office functions. A height adjustable conference table is a simple way to allow for standing meetings, while still allowing staffers to sit comfortably for longer meets. Why are height adjustable conference tables so popular? We can narrow it down to these three reasons:

  • 1.Comfort and Flexibility. Who wants to spend the first 10 minutes of a meeting listening to complaints about the conference room? Comfortable employees are more reliable and do better work. Their output tends to be greater, and they generally make fewer errors in accounting and data entry. Bringing in a height adjustable conference table is a sign that you value the comfort of your staff.
  • 2.Health. Though some studies vary on small points, the overwhelming consensus is that sitting in one place all day is not good for us, and is detrimental to our backs, knees, shoulders, and even our minds. Standing or walking around for a few minutes every few hours can make a big impact on the health and mood of your staff. Standing also promotes better breathing—which leads to employees who are alert, focused, and greeting clients with a welcoming smile.
  • 3.Fiscal Responsibility. The best reason to bring in a height adjustable conference table is the most practical. The flexibility and versatility it provides can lead to more productive meetings, more and better collaborations, and getting much more use out of the same table. You might be surprised by how much use you get out of a height adjustable conference table designed to fit right in to your existing space.

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