DATE: 11/16/2017

What are the components of a perfect desk setup? Most workers with desk jobs will tell you that a desk should be comfortable and large enough to hold all the things you need. Desks should also be ergonomically sound, and if possible, it should adjust so it can be used while seated or standing. In an open office plan, it can be a good idea for desks to offer a sense of privacy or separation from other employees. With all that in mind, a 120 degree desk might be the perfect addition to your office environment. Why?

  1. Space. A 120 degree desk offers a large amount of workspace while taking up less room in an office. A well-designed 120 degree desk will have gentle curves that make it easy to organize your desk accessories. That means everything you need can stay exactly where you need it.
  2. Style. A 120 degree desk or work station can break up the monotonous pattern of rows of square or rectangular work areas. They're available in a wide array of materials and colors, from professional-looking wood grains to modern brushed-metal finishes. Whatever your office d├ęcor is like, there's a 120 degree desk that's perfectly matched.
  3. Adaptability. This type of desk is incredibly adaptable to a variety of situations. For example, you can select modular 120 degree desks that can be fitted together to be used by three to six employees at once as a series of individual work stations or as one big collaborative workspace. For greater privacy for your staffers, low cubical walls or fabric screens can be installed.

The best way to check out a 120 degree desk is to visit the CBI Group showrooms in San Antonio or Austin. There, you can discuss this and other office furnishings with specialists who can help you make informed choices. Seeing and touching furniture in person is the best way to know what you're getting. For more information or to set up an appointment, contact CBI Group today.