DATE: 04/11/2016

We have the choice of purchasing new or used with many things in life (houses, cars and electronic devices etc).

But what should you do when it comes to your San Antonio workspace? Should you purchase new or used office furniture? Which is the better investment? Of course, the answer largely depends on your unique business, company culture and future goals.

Used furniture offers ONE indisputable advantage – saving money. Unfortunately, not all of us have the $150 million office furniture budget the Department of Homeland Security does.

Thus, if the majority of your budget is being wiped out by office equipment, staff salaries and rental space, pre-owned furniture can be a life-saver. Start-ups and micro-businesses tend to be the best candidates.
But there are some situations where purchasing new furniture is often more advantageous in the long-run:

If You Have a Long-term Growth Plan

Of course, every business needs a plan. The reality – not every business has a good one. But if you’ve looked at the numbers, studied your target market and have consulted with the appropriate experts, you should know whether or not you have a viable business in front of you.

If you plan to be around a while (whether just getting started or ramping up post start-up), investing in new office furniture may be a good move. Put simply, you want furniture that can grow with you; not furniture that may break down and need to be replaced in a few short years.

Unlike their used counterparts, new furnishings come with warranties; meaning, if the crank on that office chair breaks down, it can easily be repaired or replaced free of charge. What happens when a used piece of office furniture wares out?

The hunt begins to track down the original manufacturer. From there, depending on the make and model, the part you need may or may not be in service anymore! Yikes. In such instances, used furniture can end up being more costly in terms time and money spent in the long-run.

If Branding Is Part of Your Strategy

If a modern brand is part of your business strategy, you’ll definitely want to check-out new furniture options. Although some beautiful used pieces can be found, choices are limited. And those you do find will need to be carefully inspected for wear and tear. Afterall, what’s the point of having “on-brand furniture” if it looks old and tattered?

Interestingly, used office chairs conform to the movement patterns and psychique of their original owners over time. So, not only could a “worn aesthetic” bring down the overall brand impression, it could also prove uncomfortable for the new owner (ie. your employee who doesn’t share the same build as the previous owner). Conversely, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from when shopping new; every size, style and color will be available to you.

But isn’t new office furniture more expensive? We get asked that question a lot. The answer is surprisingly – no, not always. As an interior solutions provider for 20+ years, CBI has built relationships with several leading manufacturers. Translation: We get great deals and pass them on to you!

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